Israel war on Gaza

Israel war on Gaza: Netanyahu Rejects Palestinian Statehood Amidst Biden’s Support

Prime Minister Reiterates Opposition on Israel war on Gaza

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in a firm stance, has once again voiced his opposition to the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. He emphasized the critical need for full security control over the Palestinian territories, directly conflicting with United States President Joe Biden’s recent position on the matter.

Israel war on Gaza

Netanyahu’s Assertion on Security Control

“I will not compromise on full Israeli security control over the entire area in the west of Jordan – and this is contrary to a Palestinian state,” Netanyahu stated in a late-night post on X. This reiteration of his position came just a day after his conversation with President Biden, who had offered unconditional support to Israel in its ongoing war on Gaza Strip.

Biden’s Perspective and Netanyahu’s Response

President Biden, on Friday, had discussed potential solutions for an independent Palestinian state with Netanyahu, proposing the idea of a non-militarized government. However, the Israeli Prime Minister remained steadfast in his rejection over Israel war on Gaza, underscoring that Israel must retain security control over Gaza even after the elimination of Hamas, aligning with the demand for Palestinian sovereignty.

International Reactions to Netanyahu’s Stance

The UK expressed disappointment on Sunday over Netanyahu’s opposition to Palestinian sovereignty, emphasizing the importance of recognizing the Palestinian people’s right to build their own state.

Historical Context: Two-State Solution and Current Challenges

US-backed peace talks aiming for a “two-state solution” collapsed a decade ago. Despite challenges, including long-term security issues for Israel and the need for Gaza’s reconstruction, the establishment of a Palestinian state remains a focal point for addressing these concerns, as stated by the US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller.

Netanyahu’s Call for “Complete Victory” and Criticisms

Netanyahu asserts that Israel must fight until it achieves “complete victory,” yet the specific strategy to accomplish this remains unclear. Critics argue that the Prime Minister is avoiding a post-war scenario discussion within his coalition. Former army chief Gadi Eisenkot, part of Israel’s war cabinet, has endorsed a ceasefire as the only way to secure the release of captives, indicating a differing perspective within the Israeli leadership.

Israel war on Gaza

Public Dissent and Protests in Israel

As Netanyahu faces pressure at home, thousands of Israelis protested in Tel Aviv on Israel war on Gaza, demanding new elections. Demonstrators gathered outside the Prime Minister’s house, expressing concerns about the impact of military activities on the lives of captives held by Hamas and other fighters.

In summary, Netanyahu’s unwavering opposition to Palestinian statehood and insistence on maintaining security control continues to shape the dynamics of the Israel-Gaza conflict, amid international reactions and domestic dissent.

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