UEFA EURO 2024 Fixtures Unveiled: A Spectacular Football Fiesta on the Horizon

UEFA EURO 2024 Fixtures Unveiled

The lot-predicted UEFA EURO 2024 is ready to captivate soccer fans worldwide with an electrifying exhibit of skills, ability, and country-wide satisfaction. UEFA now unveiled the fixtures for this prestigious tournament, promising a sequence of intense and unforgettable matches. Here’s the whole thing you need to understand about when and where those interesting contests will occur. The UEFA EURO 2024 is scheduled to begin on 14 June, drawing the curtain on what is guaranteed to be a magnificent soccer extravaganza. The match will commence with groups across Europe competing in various cities known for their wealthy football backgrounds and cutting-edge stadiums.

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Group Stage Fixtures: UEFA Euro 2024

14 June

The opening match will see Germany vs. Scotland battle it out in Munich at 21:00, setting the tournament into full gear under the floodlights of one of Germany’s most iconic stadiums.

15 June

The action continues with Hungary vs. Switzerland in Cologne at 15:00, marking the start of Group A’s fixtures for the day. The hunger will ascend with Group B matches, where Spain vs. Croatia will face off in Berlin at 18:00, followed by an intriguing Italy vs. Albania clash in Dortmund at 21:00.

16 June

Group D takes center stage with Poland and the Netherlands showcasing their talents in Hamburg at 15:00. Later that day, Group C lights up with Slovenia vs. Denmark in Stuttgart at 18:00, and Serbia vs. England promises a high-octane match in Gelsenkirchen at 21:00.

17 June

Rolling into the next day, we move to Group E, where Romania will compete against Ukraine in Munich at 15:00. The day will be capped off with Belgium vs. Slovakia, ensuring that the opening rounds of the group stage are nothing short of spectacular.

18 June

Group F: Türkiye vs. Georgia in Dortmund at 18:00.

Group F: Portugal vs. Czechia in Leipzig at 21:00.

19 June

Group B: Croatia vs. Albania in Hamburg at 15:00.

Group A: Germany vs. Hungary in Stuttgart at 18:00.

Group A: Scotland vs. Switzerland in Cologne at 21:00.

20 June

Group C: Slovenia vs. Serbia in Munich at 15:00.

Group C: Denmark vs. England in Frankfurt at 18:00.

Group B: Spain vs. Italy in Gelsenkirchen at 21:00.

21 June

Group E: Slovakia vs. Ukraine in Düsseldorf at 15:00.

Group D: Poland vs. Austria in Berlin at 18:00.

Group D: Netherlands vs. France in Leipzig at 21:00.

22 June

Group F: Georgia vs. Czechia in Hamburg at 15:00.

Group F: Türkiye vs. Portugal in Dortmund at 18:00.

Group E: Belgium vs. Romania in Cologne at 21:00.

23 June

Group A: Switzerland vs. Germany in Frankfurt at 21:00.

Group A: Scotland vs. Hungary in Stuttgart at 21:00.

24 June

Group B: Croatia vs. Italy in Leipzig at 21:00.

Group B: Albania vs. Spain in Düsseldorf at 21:00.

25 June

Group D: Netherlands vs. Austria in Berlin at 18:00.

Group D: France vs. Poland in Dortmund at 18:00.

Group C: England vs. Slovenia in Cologne at 21:00.

Group C: Denmark vs. Serbia in Munich at 21:00.

26 June

Group E: Slovakia vs. Romania in Frankfurt at 18:00.

Group E: Ukraine vs. Belgium in Stuttgart at 18:00.

Group F: Czechia vs. Turkey in Hamburg at 21:00.

Group F: Georgia vs. Portugal in Gelsenkirchen at 21:00.

When does the EURO 2024 round of 16 beginning?

29 June

38: 2A vs. 2B (Berlin, 18:00)

37: 1A vs. 2C (Dortmund, 21:00)

30 June

39: 1C vs. 3D/E/F (Gelsenkirchen, 18:00)

40: 1B vs. 3A/D/E/F (Cologne, 21:00)

1 July

42: 2D vs. 2E (Düsseldorf, 18:00)

41: 1F vs. 3A/B/C (Frankfurt, 21:00)

2 July

43: 1E vs. 3A/B/C/D (Munich, 18:00)

44: 1D vs. 2F (Leipzig, 21:00)

When do the UEFA EURO 2024 quarterfinals start?

5 July

45: W39 vs. W37 (Stuttgart, 18:00)

46: W41 vs. W42 (Hamburg, 21:00)

6 July

48: W40 vs. W38 (Düsseldorf, 18:00)

47: W43 vs. W44 (Berlin, 21:00)

No activity on July 7 and 8

When do the EURO 2024 semi-finals start?

9 July

49: W45 vs. W46 (Munich, 21:00)

10 July

50: W47 vs. W48 (Dortmund, 21:00)

Rest days on July 11, 12, and 13

When is the UEFA EURO 2024 final?

14 July

W49 vs. W50 (Berlin, 21:00)

Venues That Will Write History

EURO 2024 is ready to be an exhibit of the European football lifestyle, with ancient towns like Munich, Cologne, Berlin, Dortmund, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Gelsenkirchen, and more web hosting the suits. Each venue has been decided on for its unique appeal, centers, and ability to handle the waves of fanatics from throughout the continent and the sector that will descend to witness the pinnacle of European football.

What to expect

As the EURO 2024 fixtures spread, we can expect a competition of goals, abilities, dramatic moments, and perhaps the occasional heartbreak characteristic of soccer at its greatest level. National teams will vie now not only for the coveted trophy but also for the satisfaction and joy of their international locations. From tactical showdowns among seasoned coaches to personal brilliance that would spark at any second, every recreation holds the potential to etch itself into the annals of football records.

Rally Behind Your Team

With the fixtures now set, fans can begin to plot their journeys, chart their groups’ paths to glory, and rally behind their national colors. The EURO 2024 offers a unique possibility to experience the unity and passion that soccer brings, transcending borders and bringing together nations in a celebration of recreation. Whether attending the games as a man or woman, amassing with friends and family to observe the matches, or cheering from afar, EURO 2024 guarantees to be an event that captivates and excites in equal measure.

Countdown: UEFA EURO 2024

The countdown to the UEFA EURO 2024 has officially started. Confirmed furniture sets the stage for an epic battle for supremacy in European football. Get geared up for a football ceremonial dinner that will warm up the summer of 2024!

The choice of venues for UEFA EURO 2024 goes beyond mere logistical and potential issues; it’s a planned nod to the historic and cultural material of European football. Cities like Berlin, Munich, and Dortmund aren’t just geographic locations but are imbued with reminiscences of mythical fits, making them sacred ground for football fans.

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