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Heartbreaking Allegation: Russia Grieves Over Accusations of Ukraine’s Role in the Tragic Loss of 65 POWs in Plane Downfall

1. Provocative Accusations: Russia Alleges Deliberate Shooting Down of Military Transport Plane by Ukraine

Amidst heightened tensions, Russia points fingers at Ukraine, accusing its neighbor of intentionally shooting down a Russian military transport plane. The aircraft was reportedly carrying 65 captured Ukrainian soldiers, en route to a planned prisoner exchange. A local official confirms the tragic outcome, asserting that all 74 individuals on board lost their lives.

2. Sabotaging Peace Efforts: Accusations of Deliberate Action Surface in Shocking Incident

Russian state media reports that the Ilyushin Il-76 military transport plane was shot down near Belgorod, close to the Ukrainian border. Lawmaker Andrei Kartapolov claims it was a deliberate act, orchestrated to disrupt the planned exchange of prisoners. Kartapolov suggests that Ukrainian forces were well aware of the plane’s route and purpose, dismissing any possibility of mistaken identity.

3. Allegations of Foreign-Made Missiles: Unverified Claims Raise Concerns Over Deadly Incident

Andrei Kartapolov, a retired general with close ties to Russia’s defense ministry, alleges that the plane was brought down by three missiles of either U.S. or German origin. If confirmed, this would mark the deadliest incident within Russia’s borders during the nearly two-year-long conflict. The accusations intensify the already strained relations between the two nations.

loss of plane

4. Devastating Footage Emerges: Video Evidence of the Tragic Military Plane Crash

Video footage posted on the Telegram messaging app and verified by Reuters reveals the harrowing sight of the military aircraft plummeting towards the ground near the village of Yablonovo. The explosive crash raises questions about the circumstances surrounding the downing of the plane. Both Moscow and Kyiv have engaged in frequent prisoner exchanges throughout the conflict, making the incident even more perplexing.

5. International Fallout: Russian Officials Condemn Ukraine, Seek Global Recognition

Russian officials, including Vyacheslav Volodin, Chairman of the State Duma, condemn Ukraine for allegedly shooting down its own soldiers on a humanitarian mission. Volodin calls for international attention, planning an appeal to the U.S. Congress and the German Bundestag. The incident further complicates the ongoing conflict, with repercussions echoing beyond the borders of Russia and Ukraine.

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