TikTok Tests Snapchat-Inspired Streaks Feature to Boost Engagement

TikTok is testing Streaks

TikTok is currently testing “Streaks,” a new feature that draws inspiration from Snapchat’s popular feature of the same name to increase user engagement. This limited trial focuses on encouraging users to interact more through private messaging. According to reports, only a select user group currently has access to the feature.

How Do Streaks Work on TikTok?

Like Snapchat, users can build a streak by messaging back and forth with someone for three consecutive days. Once you establish a streak, the chat will display a badge and a counter indicating the number of consecutive days you’ve messaged each other. If neither person sends a message within 24 hours, the streak ends. Tik Tok will also send reminders to users if their streak is about to end, nudging them to send a message and keep the streak alive.

Key Features of TikTok’s Streaks

Inspired by Snapchat:

This project, inspired by Snapchat, mimics Snapchat’s streaks system, rewarding consistent direct messaging between users.

Three-day minimum:

The three-day minimum necessitates back-and-forth messaging for at least three consecutive days to initiate a streak.

Streak badge and counter:

In the chat, a visual indicator shows the existence of a streak and the number of consecutive days of messaging.

24-hour window:

If no message is exchanged within 24 hours of the last one, the streak will break.

Reminder notifications:

TikTok sends nudges to users when their streak is nearing its end, prompting them to message and maintain it.

Opt-out option:

Users who aren’t interested can disable Streaks in the app’s privacy settings.

Opting Out of Streaks

Users can turn off streaks in the app’s privacy settings if they don’t want to use it.

Why is TikTok Testing Streaks?

The addition of streaks demonstrates TikTok’s desire to keep users interested and encourage them to spend more time on the app. Tik Tok also wants to make the app more social by letting people send private messages to each other, which could make it more than just a place to watch videos.

Impact on User Behavior and Engagement

Streaks on TikTok could have a significant impact on users’ behavior and interactions with the app in a variety of ways, including

Increased Messaging and Direct Interaction

More private chats:

Streaks encourages users to write to each other more often to keep their streaks going. This could encourage people to talk to each other more directly and make Tik Tok a more social place.

Shift from Public to Private:

Streaks’ focus on private messaging could make some users less interested in the steady stream of public videos, which could change how they use the app.

Making habits and getting involved

Daily reminder to open the app:

If users want to maintain their streak, they may be more likely to open the app and check their messages more frequently, increasing total engagement.

Gamification element:

Streaks add a gaming element by making messaging a “challenge” to keep up a run. This appeals to those who enjoy competing and keeping track of their runs.

Courtesy: Image by antonbe from Pixabay

Potential Downsides

Pressure to keep up streaks:

For some users, the ongoing pressure to keep up a streak might be too much, which could lead to messaging fatigue or forced conversations.

Focus on quantity over quality:

Keeping streaks alive might lead to shallow messaging exchanges to keep the streak going instead of building genuine relationships.

Overall, TikTok’s Streaks feature is a smart move to get users more involved by getting them to message each other more. This could potentially change the app from a video-focused one to a more social one. However, it’s crucial to monitor whether the gamification aspect enhances or diminishes the quality of user interactions.

Comparison to Snapchat’s Streaks

Based on test data, here’s a look at how Tik Tok’s Streaks function stacks up against Snapchat’s:


Core Features:

Both credit users consistently message each other directly, with a visual cue and a day counter.

Starting a streak:

For both, you need to message back and forth for three days to start a streak.

24-Hour Window:

To keep the run going, both have 24 hours to send each other messages.

Engagement Boost:

Both aim to increase user involvement by encouraging them to send and receive more messages.



Because Snapchat has been around for so long, many people have grown accustomed to its streaks. TikTok is currently testing its streaks and may modify them based on user feedback.

Additional Features:

Snapchat has additional features like integrating “Snap Map” and letting you buy “Streak Saver” to get back a lost streak (for a fee). At the moment, Tik Tok’s Streaks doesn’t have these features.

Impact on Platform Culture:

Snapchat’s Streaks play a significant role in the platform’s culture and are frequently associated with forming close friendships. We still don’t know how Tik Tok’s Streaks will change the app’s society.

Possible Future for TikTok Streaks


TikTok could add new features, like better streak emojis, or give users more ways to customize their videos based on what they say.

Integration with Other Features:

To make texting for streaks even more appealing, it might be possible to connect it to other features, such as video challenges or live streams.

Snapchat’s famous model inspires the overall concept behind Tik Tok’s Streaks. Although they are less mature and have fewer features than Snapchat’s version, they could significantly affect how people use and interact with TikTok, making it a more social platform.

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